Hello world!

3rd September 2019 0 By alister

The application is in! We are now awaiting acceptance.

Meanwhile we have been busy, Neil has built a working 2 wheel chassis with motors and batteries suspended below the axle (hence the name). We already have a few working accessories including a gripper for the ‘Toxic waste’ in ‘Disaster Zone# & a ‘Z-Gun’ for ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.

Why this design? Why not? Neil wanted to enter something different from the usual 4wd chassis a 2 Wheel design seemed interesting but a balancing robot similar to last years “Faceplant” by Brian Corteil aka @CannonFodder from Cortec Robotics seemed too unstable. placing the CoG below the axil means the robot is inherently stable although it is quite a challenge is to prevent it going “loopy” under hard acceleration, for some events a “wheelie bar”or stabiliser may be needed.