Z-Gun Mk3

21st February 2020 0 By alister
Z-Gun Mk3

The Mk3 Z-Gun is now complete & ready for testing. It is a custom 3d printed design to hold the motor mechanism form a Nerf strife elite & the multi dart magazine. A separate servo motor drives a linear plunger to push the dart into the firing mechanism. Fortunately the original design decisions taken on the Z-Gun controller PCB means that there are no hardware or software changes required, this was a good thing as the PCB had just been re-manufactured with a number of cosmetic improvements.

A quick release mount has also been added so that the gun mechanism can be easily removed from Dangle when not required.

Why a Mk3?

The original Mk1 “Discomatic” proved to be inadiquate for the task for 3 main reasons:-

  • Acuracy – there wasn’t any!
  • Range – This was very variable.
  • Power – The projectiles had very little mass & it was unlikely they would have any affect on the targets.

What happened to the Mk2.

The Mk2 was a stillborn attempt to enhance the discomatic design with a larger bore & a larger more aerodynamic projectile. Unfortunately this just increased the existing problems & added further complication with loading.

PCB Improvements

The improvements to the Z-Gun circuit board have been mostly cosmetic as follows

  • 4 way SIL connector replaced with 8 pin DIL pins matched to the 1st 8 pins of a Pi GPIO header so a simple ribbon cable can be used.
  • Additional power connector so that DC motors & Servo motors can have separate power supplies if req. Jumper to select power source for Servo.
  • Polarised header for DC motor output to ensure no unexpected errors when connecting, disconnecting the Z-Gun.

After a call from help Via twitter & Mike it now looks like the Z-Gun-Mk3 may be making its PiWars debut with the Badminton School good luck girls!