Corona Virus

11th March 2020 0 By alister

It is Ironic that PiWars 2020 Disaster Zone is currently under threat from a natural disaster.

While Team Dangle are currently willing to partake in PiWars on the planed date we do appreciate that the organisers have a responsibility to consider the health and well being of all competitors & spectators. We understand the difficult position Mike & Tim currently find themselves in & fully support what ever decision is finally made.

Cancellation / Postponement will be especially hard on the schools competitors who will have put a great deal of work & will probably not have another chance to enter. Even if the Competition itself does not form part of any academic qualification it is something that the students would want to enter on their future C.V’s. For this reason we feel that postponement would be the preferable of this two options, even if the event has to run outside of the school year due to exam commitments I am sure most of not all of the students would still wish to take part.